Cyrus & Tristan, The Parker BrothersThe Parker Brothers

Combined Weight:
340 lbs.

The Corner of Boardwalk and Park Place

Trained By:
Mathew Priest
Breyer Wellington
Elijah Burke [Training Seminars]

August 2007

Noteable Feuds:
EPIC ["Mr. Obscene" Ryan Green" & "Dynamite" Evan Craig]
Enterprise [Major Money & Cashious Reye]

Signature Moves:
The Community Chest [Double Chop/DoubleSuplex]
Connect 4 [Coast to Coast Missile Dropkicks]
The Parker Brother Switch

Free Parking [Complete Shot/Enzuigiri Combo]
The Shortline [Doomsday Bulldog]

Straight from the Boardalk comes the single most awesome Tag Team in professional wrestling today.. The Parker Brothers! The Parker Brothers are a flashy, fun loving duo who like to turn everything they do into a game. From sqeuined ring attire, to their over the top shenanigans, The Parkers definietly know how to grab attention. Growing up in Atlantic City, Cyrus and Tristan were no stranger to luck, chance, and rolling the dice, and that definitely shows in the ring, as Cyrus and Tristan are tricksters in every sense of the word. Being on the smaller side of things, The Parkers rely a lot on outsmarting their opponents to get the edge, and they're not afraid to take a risk when it's needed. Cyrus and Tristan are known for their competitive nature and their hatred of losing, and they've known to be sore losers at times, so you can bet they're going to do whatever it takes to ensure a victory. After all, they are The Parker Brothers.. and they play for keeps!