TAG TEAM Championship History

BCWA Tag Team Championship [1] 03/30/2008 - 07/20/2008
Eight months after making their debut in the BCWA, fighting their way up the ladder from the very bottom, Cyrus and his brother, Tristan, dethroned The Heatrunners in a fourway Tag Team match at No Escape to capture the BCWA Tag Team Championship for the first time, losing them a few months later at Drastic Measures to EPIC, who would soon become their biggest rivals.

BCWA Tag Team Championship [2] 08/03/2008 - 08/24/2008
Tristan was taken out of action in the fourway at Drastic Measures by "The Monster" Voodoo, so The Parkers were allowed to choose a replacement partner to compete in Tristan's place in their rematch at SuperSlam 4. The reign was short lived, however, when Cyrus' partner was pinned in a match with EPIC at Summer Standoff, for the BCWA Tag Team Championship.

BCWA Tag Team Championship [3] 11/02/2008 - 12/28/2008
With Tristan off the injury list, The Parker Brothers got their real rematch for the BCWA Tag Team Championship against EPIC in the main event of the November 2nd edition of Frontline, where they were once again captured the gold.  At Cataclysm, The Parkers took on Enterprise, but came up short, losing not only the BCWA Tag Team Championship to Enterprise, but their contracts as well.

BCWA Tag Team Championship [4] 03/29/2009 - 07/26/2009
After finding a loophole in Enterprises contract, the two teams faced off again, once at Outlawed, which ended on a DQ, and again at No Escape, where The Parker Brothers were successful in capturing the BCWA Tag Team Championship for the third time together. A few months later, the battle between the BCWA and the FCC erupted, and while fighting on the side of the BCWA, The Parkers were a casuilty of war when they fell victim to the FCC, and lost the Tag Team gold at Drastic Measures.

XSU Tag Team Championship  05/05/2012 - 07/16/12
Only a few months into their XSU run, The Parker Brothers were able to capture their first Tag Team Championship in XSU Wrestling by defeating The Rapture in a No Disqualification match. Tristan and Cyrus ended up being the very last team to hold the XSU Tag Team Championship, as the company closed it's doors a few months later.


2008 Tag Team of the Year
In 2008, Cyrus and his brother revieved the honor of being named BCWA's Tag Team of the Year, as voted by the fans.